Mental Health Problems in the workplace affects everyone.

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Number of hours per day that an employee is unproductive due to mental health concerns.
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Number of days per year that an employee is absent due to mental health concerns.

About Argao Psych

Argao Psych is the largest private out-patient mental health center in Central Luzon that caters to clients all over the Philippines. One of Argao Psych’s services is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services which helps employees improve their mental health and wellbeing, increase productivity, and create a mental health friendly workplace.

Why do I need a Mental Health Program in my Workplace?

It is the law and we must comply

RA 11036 states that companies should have a mental health policy. As per DOLE D.O. 208-20, not implementing one can give penalties/fines to companies.

Improves workplace productivity

This will help motivate workplace culture and even produce a better environment in your company.

Mental Health Education

Employees should become aware on their mental wellbeing.

Value for Money

Return on investment in Mental Health Programs is 2-4x.

Trainings and Webinars

Gives your managers and employees confidence in helping those who are in suffering.

Workplace stress

Stress in the workplace can impact both employees and employers. If not handled properly, both physical and mental changes may occur.

Our Solutions

Corporate Wellness Packages

We offer EAP Services which can be tailored-fit depending on the needs of your company.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

We offer psychological interventions that aims to help individuals deal with issues, concerns, or problems related to daily living such as workplace, family, relationship or personal development.

Corporate Trainings & Webinars

We offer mental-health webinars and training on topics such as managing stress, preventing bullying, and offering support.

Psychological Assessments

Involves the administration of psychological tests to gather information about how you think, feel, behave, and much more.

Corporate Trainings and Webinars

Basic Mental Health and Psychological First Aid

For Leaders and Employees

Developing a Workplace Mental Health Policy

For Executives and Leaders

Learning Self-Love: Why Being Kind to Yourself is a Key to Happiness

For Leaders and Employees

Developing Psychological Safe Space in Your Team

For Leaders and Employees

Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Worlplace

For Employees

The Science of Happiness

For Employees

Our Community

Our partners in promoting employee mental health and wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Program Packages


Frequently Asked Questions

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an agreement between a company, academic institution, or government agency and its employees to provide various support programs for the employees.

Employers can use EAPs to cut down on absenteeism, claims for workers’ compensation, health care costs, accidents, and complaints. They can also address safety and security concerns, boost employee engagement and productivity, and cut costs associated with employee turnover.

Although primarily targeted at work-related issues, EAPs can also help employees when issues that arise outside the workplace affect workplace attendance or workplace performance.

Yes! Packages can be tailored fit depending on your organization’s needs and goals.

The EAP credits can be used for the various services offered by Argao Psych. For example, if an EAP client wanted to avail tranings or webinars, a certain amount of EAP credits will be deducted on their account.

Yes! We offer corporate trainings and webinars which aims to teach employees and managers about common mental health conditions and reduce the stigma surrounding them.